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DPD models AD9375

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: AD9375
Software Version: DPD GUI v3.0

I am trying to configure DPD in AD9375. In configuration tab I see that there are 4 DPD models available but some model parameters like i,j,k,lut values which are given to ADRV9029 for different PA's in the link : is not present for AD9375. Can I get to know about these model parameters? so that I can iterate quickly depending on PA

  • You cannot customize the i,j,k values of the DPD models. You need to use the default models(model0 to model3) that are available as part of the AD9375 configuration.

    From UG:

    Model 2  is recommended as a starting point for most power amplifiers(PAs), especially for gallium arsenide (GaAs) PAs, and gives good wideband performance, as does Model 3. Model 0 and Model 1 may achieve superior narrow-band performance in some cases. The absence of deeper delay terms in Model 0 prevents the DPD from overfitting on narrow-band signals. Model 1 has also been shown to give marginally better performance for some lateral diffused metal-oxide semiconductors (LDMOS) PAs.