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Question regarding initialization of AD9371's only JESD interface when external clock is briefly cut off

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD9071
Software Version: .


If the external clock is temporarily cut off and then supplied again while the device is operating normally, most functions are restored to normal operation, but a problem occurs in the JESD204B interface.

In this case, when the JESD bring up procedure routine is executed, the JESD204B interface is activated,

but the delay is randomly generated. I suspect it's a Lane Buffer counter related symptom.

It is solved by resetting the device and initializing it again, but it takes time to initialize the device such as ARM file load or Calibrations, so there is a problem with the product.

Therefore, we are looking for a way to minimize timing by initializing only the JESD204B interface function.

Please give me advice on how to initialize only the JESD204B Interface function.

thank you.

  • What is your application? Why do you want to initialize the JESD204B interface again and again?

    Full initialization is required for bringing up the board.

    Refer to the "LINK ESTABLISHMENT" section in UG for details on  interface bringup.

  • Refer to the "LINK ESTABLISHMENT" section in UG for details on  interface bringup.

    There is a mention in my question that I've already done it. Random delay is additionally applied when “LINK ESTABLISHMENT” is performed. When the device is reset, the delay is normally applied.

    What is your application?

    Used for radar applications.

    I'm using Ext LO, but sometimes the clock doesn't come out of the system.

    At this time, most functions of AD9371 operate normally, but random delay is added to the JESD interface, so this is a question to improve this problem.

    Please apply.

  • What is the FIFO depth readback, when the issue is seen vs when the issue is not seen?

    If the FIFO depth, varies by large amounts, can you try adjusting the LMFC offset one by one and then check if you are still seeing the random delays getting added to the interface?