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AD937x - Split DMA channels

Hello everyone,

I'm using the git repositories from Analog Device to build the AD9375 + ZCU102 reference projects (hdl + No-OS). In the hardware (and software) projects, I noticed that RX1 (I+Q) and RX2 (I+Q) data are combined to form a 64 bits word, through the entire design (TPL Core, CPACK, DMA, ...). For my project, I need to add metadata for each channel and it would be mush easier to have two separate data path and then trigger a DMA for only one channel (RX1 or RX2). I can easily change the CPACK and DMA blocks using the Block Settings. I think I can also tweak the TPL Core IP as well, but I want to be sure that this is the best way possible to separate the channels. I will also have to do this for TX1/TX2 and Observers channels !

Best regards,