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AD9375_PSRR Requirement

Hi Analog Team !

I would like to know the PSRR requirement of the Power pins of AD9375 Transceiver.

I have went though Power Management consideration section present in UG-992 which specifies the Routing method to isolate aggressors, But i need to verify that my buck convertor output ripples meet the PSRR specification of AD9375 to achieve optimum performance.

Thanks In-Advance


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  • Refer to page 277 in the "POWER MANAGEMENT CONSIDERATIONS" section in UG . The tolerance levels are mentioned below .

    1. VDDA_1P3  +/-2.5%

    2. VDDA_3P3 +/-5%

    3. VDDA_1P8  +/-5%

    4. VDIG  +/-2.5%

    5. VDDIF +/-5%

    6. VDDA_SER +/-5%

    As long as ripple is within the tolerance ,VDDA_1P3  +/-2.5% specified in the UG  it should be fine.  .