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Hi All

Please I have a question about AD375 DPD GUI

In attached  I have two remarks about your ACLR method :

1. what do you mean by Total carrier power ( for Carrier Aggregation,
For the outermost component carrier with channel bandwidth ≥5 MHz, the channel bandwidth of the outermost component carrier should be considered for ACLR requirements)

2.what do you mean by AM-AM error ??

Thank you

    • 1)The left side ACLR is measured with reference to the carrier on the left and similarly on the right side as well.
    • 2)The AM-to-AM response of the amplifier, Gain versus the input power, is one of the key characteristics used to determine the linearity and correctability of a given PA. A linear PA produces a straight AM-to-AM line response; for each 1dB increase in input power, the output power of the PA increases by exactly 1dB; being linear, the PA produces no distortion.
    • AM-AM distortion (Error) is the difference between the ideal gain curve and the measured gain curve. Uneven gain over frequency and (un-linearized) AM-AM gain variation greater than 2dB can significantly degrade the overall linearization performance.