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BALUN Selection for AD9375


We are designing our board using AD9375 modules with 4.4 to 5GHz Tx & Rx operating frequencies. 

Evaluation board uses wideband BALUN TCM1-83X+ which can be used for 10 to 8000 MHz. We checked for other BALUNs with similar spec/performance and found TCO1-462+ (from mini circuits). 

TCO1-462+ has better performance characteristics compared to TCM1-83X+.  TC01-462+ and TCM1-83X+ differ only in configuration , size and construction as per the datasheet.


Attached below TC01-462+ performance characteristics.

Please let us whether TC01-462+ BALUN can be used for our Application. 

TC01-462+ size is 0402 (LTCC construction). Is it fine to use smaller size BALUNs ? 

Is there anything that needs to be taken care if TC01-462+ BALUN is used ?