AD9375 Power Supply Recommendation

Hello All,

We are designing our board using 4 AD9375 Modules & Zynq MPSoC.

1. Can we have common regulators for all the 4 AD9375 Modules(shared Voltage rails for all the 4 AD9375 IC modules) . Should we dedicated regulators for each AD9375 ICs ?

2. Please let us know ripple requirement of each Voltage rail

3. Voltage rails used by IC is VDDA_1P3(combined with JESD_VTT_DES and VDDA_SER), VDIG _1P3, VDDIF_1V8,  VDDA_1P8, and VDDA_3P3 Supply . Can we use switching regulator for all these voltage rails or LDOs are preferred  ? Evaluation Board uses Switching Regulator.

4. For VDDA_1P8, VDDA_3P3, VDDIF_1V8(or VDDIF_2V5) of AD9375,  Can we use the same onboard Voltage rails generated for Zynq MPSoC and other Digital ICs using Switching Regulator? Or, Should we have a Dedicated Regulators only for AD9375 ? Please let us know about this since we have a board space constraint to add multiple regulators.

Thank you,