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AD9371 ORx Gain Table changing Index does not change gain

Good day!

I am using the AD9371 transceiver API for No-OS from the ADI GIT master branch

Where the provided ORx Gain Table is written into the transceiver.

I am having an issue with MYKONOS_setObsRxManualGain() where it does not work as expected that despite using different indices within the ORx Gain Table range,
there were no observed changes in the operation of the AD9373 transceiver.

Is there a requirement, a function that needs to enabled or disabled before executing the function?

also, I noticed from mykonos_user.h, ln43:


if calculated, MIN_ORX_GAIN_TABLE_INDEX gives out a min index of 208 yet ORxGainTable[19][4] is captioned to have a min index of 237.
is there a reason for START_ORX_GAIN_INDEX = 47?

Thank you.

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  • I re looked in the file and see that the ORX init setting, wrong ENUM naming is used 

    MYK_ORX1_ORX2 enum(mykonosObsRxChannelsEn_t) is for enabling ORX channel but the ENUM to be used is mykonosObsRxChannels_t 

    change it to OBS_RX1_TXLO and in run time use the setObsRxPathSource to change the required path before changing the gain.