M24C02 and AD7291 on the AD9371 evaluation board usage


We have our new board with AD9371 and an XC7Z045-1FBG676C. We based our design on the AD9371 evaluation board

We connected the following:

- M24C02 - E0 to AD7291 AS0

- M24C02 - E1 to AD7291 AS1

M24C02 EPROM  AS1 to GND.

Unfortunately, we forgot to bring AS0/E0 and AS1/E1 to the FPGA pins. My question is the following: 

- I see that the  AD7291 is used to monitor the different power supplies, but what is he M24C02 EPROM is used for?

Adding wiring to the FPGA is tricky for now, can we just run the existing NO-OS without the M24C02 EPROM. What address of AD7291 AS0 and AS1 should be set to if we just want to access the AD7291? If we do not need the M24C02 EPROM, I can just wire the AD7291 AS0 and AS1 right on the chip. 

Would this work?

What C functions in the No-OS controls this M24C02 and D7291?