AD9375 TES and DPD GUI not connecting/working


I have an  ADRV9375-W/PCBZ connected to a laptop and three GUIs (IIO-oscilloscope, TES 2.0.68 and ADI Embedded DPD Interface v3.100)

I have created and mounted my own SD card with the latest available image files following one of your guides about 2 months ago.

The IIO-Oscope GUI connects and works perfectly.

The TES does not connect,, asks  me to update SD. (however once  I give it a false IP-address, it does not connect but somehow gives me then access to AD9371 Tab and its configuration)

The DPD GUI does not do anything when I click connect, instead it freezes and starts to lag should I try to close it immediately.

Reading some of the questions in other threads, I have seen suggested that an SD-Card with image for IIO-scope will not support the other 2 GUIs and vice versa (I do not remember the image files being explicit on this point, what is exactly meant here ?)

another thread says to download and install a new hotfix :

this wouldnt install because it says it cant find eeprom

Thanks a lot for your help !

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