How to change ad9375 TX gain ?


My system run mykonos on NO-OS use TX2 and RX2. I have read UG992. to change gain Tx, I can use API:  MYKONOS_setTx2Attenuation.

But once I use this API, gain TX is not change. I set MYKONOS_setTx2Attenuation(&mykdevice, 10000)

and get return value MYKONOS_getTx2Attenuation(); It return 1000; I can't change value attenuation.

Can you give solution?


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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jul 20, 2020 4:05 AM

    Please check whether the attenuation pin control mode is enabled using MYKONOS_getTx1AttenCtrlPin(), API MYKONOS_setTx2AttenCtrlPin ().

    If pin control mode is enabled then SPI mode command will not execute.

    Please check whether the Tx channel is enabled.

    From UG-992,

    If the Tx datapath is powered down when these commands are called, the last valid Tx attenuation setting when the Tx was powered up is read back.These commands are as follows:
    MYKONOS_getTx1Attenuation(mykonosDevice_t *device, uint16_t *tx1Attenuation_mdB)
    • MYKONOS_getTx2Attenuation(mykonosDevice_t *device, uint16_t *tx2Attenuation_mdB)

  • Hi

    Thanks for your reply

    I had verify again.

    I had disable pin control mode using MYKONOS_setTx2AttenCtrlPin(&mykDevice, 0, 0, 0, 0);

    And Tx datapath powered up in normal. with tone signal output -6dbm.

    But I still can't set attenuation TX on adrv9375

    Thanks and brgs

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Apr 15, 2021 5:11 PM in reply to sonminh

    I apologize, The attenuation value has to be in dB not in mdB.

    Please refer to the below python script, If you want to set attenuation value as 10 dB.

    print Link.Mykonos.getTx2Attenuation(0)

  • Thanks ,

    I use  library C mykonos to set attenuation, not python srcipt:

     * \brief Reads back the Tx2 RF output Attenuation
     *  This function reads back the TxAttenuation setting currently applied to the transmit chain.
     *  The function will work with SPI mode or pin controlled TxAtten mode using the increment/decrement GPIO
     *  pins.  For the readback value to be valid the Tx data path must be powered up.  If the Tx data path
     *  is powered down or radioOff state, the last TxAtten setting while the Tx was powered up will be
     *  read back.
     * <B>Dependencies</B>
     * - device->spiSettings
     * - device->spiSettings->chipSelectIndex
     * \param device Pointer to the Mykonos device's data structure
     * \param tx2Attenuation_mdB The readback value of the Tx2 Attenuation in milli-dB (Range: 0 to 41950 mdB)
     * \retval MYKONOS_ERR_OK Function completed successfully
     * \retval MYKONOS_ERR_GETTX2ATTEN_NULL_PARM tx2Attenuation_mdB return parameter pointer is NULL
    mykonosErr_t MYKONOS_getTx2Attenuation(mykonosDevice_t *device, uint16_t *tx2Attenuation_mdB)

    So i set 10 dbm is 10000:

    MYKONOS_setTx2Attenuation(&mykDeviceB, 10000;
                        uint16_t u16Gain;

    MYKONOS_getTx2Attenuation(&mykDeviceB, &u16Gain);

    I had tried to set different value as 15000, 1500, 20000

    But It not change and always return value 1000

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Apr 16, 2021 4:08 AM in reply to sonminh

    I suppose tx2Attenuation_mdB is a documentation mistake.

    What is the software package / version you are using.

    Can you please try dB value for tx2Attenuation_mdB in "C" code  and let us know?