Ad9375 Initialization Issue

Hi ,

We are trying to initialize AD9375 on a custom board, based on zynq Zc7045.Ad9375 is not getting initialized.
Mykonos version used is

Configuration used :

  1. Dev clock -122.88Mhz
  2. sysref frequency -3.84Mhz
  3. Rx IQ rate - 61.44Mhz
  4. Tx IQ rate -122.88Mhz
  5. Lanes enabled is 4.
  6. scrambling is enabled.

Console Log

root@zynq_75:~# ./basebandc

Ad9375 Reset
CLKPLL locked
Product Id 0x34
Request minimum 3 SYSREF pulses from Clock Device
MCS successful MultichipSync status = 11
Loading ARM binary
ARM binary loaded
Device PLLs Locked
Mykonos ARM Initialization Calibrations
Init Calibrations completed
JESD bring up
Rx Framer Status = 160
Orx Framer Status = 41
Deframer Status = 33

ILA capture:

I have tried by varying phase between dev clk and sysref it is not helping.

Suggestions would be helpful.