Release MATLAB object error while using AD9371 + ZC706

Hi there,

I'm using a AD9371 with Zynq ZC706 and controlling it through MATLAB 2018a. When testing with the example file found here I receive the following error every few times it is run (usually every 2-3 times):

Error using adi.AD9371.Tx
Changing the value of a non-tunable property is not allowed without first calling the release() method.

Error in adi.common.RxTx/releaseChanBuffers (line 89)
                obj.enabledChannels = false;

Error in matlabshared.libiio.base/doTeardown

Error in matlabshared.libiio.base/releaseImpl

Error in matlabshared.libiio.base/cstatus

Error in matlabshared.libiio.base/sendData

Error in adi.common.Tx/stepImpl (line 22)

Error in ad9371.m (line 22)

The release() method is definitely being called on the Tx and Rx objects, though I am quite new to this and am quite stuck as to the exact problem. The only solution I have at the moment is to restart both the board and MATLAB.

Thanks for any help!