question about the max power supported by AD9375 DPD

Hi ad9375 experts:

  The datasheet of AD9375  says: The DPD is optimized for small cell PAs with rms output powers in the 250 mW to 10 W range and for a maximum occupied signal bandwidth of 40 MHzand some web page about AD9375.

  The link says:

   What is the max power and Bandwidth supported by AD9375 DPD?

  • Max power at PA output is 5 W to 10 W but depends on the PA, it is defined at PA output as the frontend losses varies with design.
  • 40 MHz instantaneous BW is supported.

 So the max power supported by AD9375 DPD is about 10W? Is the 10W the average power or peak power?



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