AD9371 & ZC706 4x4 System

I have a customer that has the Xilinx ZC706 board. He has a reference project (hdl+no-os) for one board working with HMC7044 providing the reference clock to the evaluation board, and would now like to achieve a 4x4 system. He has seen the MCS setup shown in the UG-992 has a common clock/sysref generation chip for both devices. However, the evaluation board does not have ports for in/out clock to share a common clock chip for device clock and sysref.

So does AD9371 evaluation boards support 4x4 setup or does it require a custom PCB that is similar to FMCOMMS5?

If the evaluation boards can be used for 4x4, what are modifications or setup required to achieve synchronization on 4x4 setup?