AD9371 pllLockStatus - calibration pll unlocked

the function MYKONOS_checkPllsLockStatus says the calibration pll is not locked.
     pllLockStatus:          0x0F

During normal operations is good the calibration pll is not locked?

  • CalPLL is used only for internal calibration, user need to config the call PLL. It is taken care by internal ARM processor.

    From UG-992,

    A calibration PLL (CALPLL) synthesizer is integrated into the device to generate the signals necessary to calibrate the device.This calibration is executed during the initialization sequence at startup.Solely the internal ARM processor  controls the CALPLL. This procedure is fully autonomous, and there is no user access to control the CALPLL state.

    /**** Set RF PLL Frequencies ***/
    mykError = MYKONOS_setRfPllFrequency(&mykDevice, RX_PLL, mykDevice.rx->rxPllLoFrequency_Hz);
    mykError = MYKONOS_setRfPllFrequency(&mykDevice, TX_PLL, mykDevice.tx->txPllLoFrequency_Hz);
    mykError = MYKONOS_setRfPllFrequency(&mykDevice, SNIFFER_PLL, mykDevice.obsRx->snifferPllLoFrequency_Hz);
    /*** < wait 200ms for PLLs to lock - user code here > ***/
    mykError = MYKONOS_checkPllsLockStatus(&mykDevice, &pllLockStatus);

    if ((pllLockStatus & 0x0F) == 0x0F)
    /*** < All PLLs locked - user code here > ***/
    /*** < PLLs not locked - ensure lock before proceeding - user code here > ***/

  • Hi!

    We have also encountered the same CalPLL is Unlocked status. Since according to the UG-992 CALPLL state cannot be controlled by the user, is it also safe to ignore/tomask the Calibration PLL Unlock Bit of GP_Interrupt Status?

  •  The calPLL lock state depends  on the time(during the cals running or after the init complete) when the status is read. Yes you can ignore the calPLL unlock.