Analog Devices’ portfolio of high performance, highly integrated RF Agile Transceiver ICs combine an RF front end, integrated frequency synthesizers, and a flexible mixed-signal base-band section to form a complete radio for software-defined radio designs

This community is available for customers looking for support for the AD9371 RadioVerse wideband RF transceiver. The applications support for the AD9371 consists of the ADI evaluation hardware and software, the downloadable design file package. This Forum is an online community forum monitored and managed by an applications engineering response team from ADI.

Design file package is available for download from below link.


  • All schematics, layout recommendations, and specifications in the design package have been verified and insure optimum performance from AD9371. Adherence to these specifications is necessary in order to achieve rated performance from your design.
  • AD9371 evaluation boards are fully characterized by ADI. If you encounter an issue with your design, you must be able to recreate the issue on the ADI evaluation platform.
  • Questions related to clarification of the content provided in the design file package should be posted on the community forum and will be addressed by the ADI response team. Questions outside of the scope of the design resources provided cannot be supported.
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