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Can we integrate EEG {Electroencephalogram} brain activities?

Can we integrate EEG {Electroencephalogram} brain activities - a diagnosis for autism & ADHD?

  • On behalf of Jan-Hein Broeders:

    This is a though one, I am not a Bio-medical engineer, but an Electronic engineer. Certainly with EEG measurement we are able to monitor neuro functions and brain-activity. Depending on the number of channels and locations we can pick-up very precisely small signals from the brain. If this can discriminate a certain behavior, like Autism or ADHD, that’s what I don’t know. I know, that studies have been performed to get this clear, however I don’t have the outcome.
    What is possible, is that with external stimuli you trigger a person with Autism or ADHD. By monitoring Brain Activity during certain events, it could help to prove that a person has this disorder and at what scale. You need algorithms for that, and that is where in my opinion the IP is.

    FYI, we have various very low noise amplifiers and high resolution ADC’s to support EEG monitoring. Parts to consider are; AD8422, AD8220/21, AD8244, AD7768/7770/7177.