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What is the expected production life of the module?

What is the expected production life of the module? If I design it in how long will I be able to buy the module for?

  • On behalf of Jan-Hein Broeders:

    Analog Devices is one of the most conservative Semiconductor Manufacturers, in making products obsolete. We have an average product life cycle, between 15 – 20 years. Reason is, that many products are being produced in our own factories so we have influence on the production life cycle ourselves. In addition we serve a wide range of markets, and in particular the Healthcare and Automotive industry are very slow moving, with having long design-and qualification-cycles. To be successful in these market, you need to have long product life cycles to be able to support the production demand as well as the aftermarket.

    For the modules in particular, I would calculate with 15 years average, however I cannot guarantee this. The first module has been launched in 2014 and we have now a dozen different models. While designing your system, I would recommend to start designing with the latest introduction. Also we provide flexibility, since the analog front-ends used in the modules are also available as stand-alone building blocks.