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7/12/16: How do we start an IoT project?

Having an idea in mind, how do we go ahead in approaching it to make it a IoT product?

  • I think that the key thing is to have a sense of how your idea is adding value. There are many ways that IoT technologies can enable you to do build products. Ensuring that you have something that a customer will pay money for can be quite challenging.

    That said, given the pace of progress in IoT these days it is important to get to a proof-of-concept or minimal-viable-product as quickly. This can be created with a variety of different development kits ( hardware, software, mobile etc ) and a cloud platform. It is a good idea to pick a development tool chain that can lead easily to a final product. For example, Arduino while ubiquitous and easy to use, does not necessarily lead to a final performance and cost optimized product.