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7/12/16: Smart Partitioning and IoT System Development

What tool should I use to monitor transmission from sensors that don't connect with my Lollipop table? AD gives me HR, but I still have to build the presentation layer. How else can I be compatible with generic devices out there?

  • There are many different IoT targeted cloud services that are available today that can be used to present data and information about your sensors. Analog Devices has partnered with PTC ThingWorx to enable this. Other services such as IBM BlueMix or Microsoft Azure can also be used. In terms of device compatibility generic connectivity protocols such as HTTP or MQTT can be used to send data to cloud services. Most cloud services today will support either of these. In addition, most cloud services or device clouds have dedicated SDKs and APIs that enable more sophisticated capabilities such as device management, monitoring and remote updates. Please let me know if I have misunderstood you question and not answered it.