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Noise equivalent bandwidth and gain

I am trying to confirm my understanding of the calculations of the noise equivalent example shown in the attached slide taken from the webinar.

I understand that for the blue gain amp, RMS (rto) = 300nV/rtHz * sqrt(1kHz) = 9.7uVrms. 

However, for the green filter amp and red ADC driver components, I don't understand why the RMS (rto) is 8.7uVrms.

For both these parts, it seems like the "smallest NEB after the noise source" is the 3MHz low pass filter.

But when I calculate RMS (rto) for the green filter amp, 39nV/rtHz * sqrt(3MHz) is not 8.7uVrms, it is 39 * 1732 = 6800 or 6.8uVrms. 

Perhaps these numbers were taken from a simulation where the nominal e_ni,RTO is not constant at all frequencies?