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4/26/16: Ubiquitous Measurement and Control with LVDS Isolators

How far can LVDS be transmitted across a cable?

  • The ADN4650/ADN4651/ADN4652 include fully LVDS compliant outputs, ensuring a differential voltage of typically 350 mV when terminated with a standard 100 Ohm load. At high data rates, the limiting factor for cable length becomes the jitter acceptable at the receiver, which is dependent on the data rate, distance and the cable construction. Typically transmission will be possible across several meters of cable, assuming a high-speed connector and high-quality twisted pair cable with shielding. If the data rate is reduced to 100-200 Mbps, then potentially transmission up to 10 metres may be possible. Flat ribbon cables will only suit shorter board-to-board connections. Random and deterministic jitter components are specified separately in the ADN4650/ADN4651/ADN4652 datasheet, allowing careful calculation of the resulting jitter in a system if the effects of cabling and connectors are known.

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