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10/19/17 Does it Requires any Circuit Design Changes? 

1. Does it Requires any Circuit Design Changes?
2. How to Implement it in the firmware?
3. Can you provide the schematic design with this latest technology?
4. How does the meter detects using the msure technology when the terminal cover is open here?

  • On behalf of David Lath.
    1. The ADE9153B with mSure does require some specific layout and sensor considerations. None are especially difficult but the considerations are very important in order to get the best performance for the system. There will be a guide released that specifies these considerations. 2. There is a piece of firmware that will be avaiable in order to get the most out of the mSure results. Breaking it down to the lowest level, it is all based on SPI reads and writes between the Microcontroller and the ADE9153B. 3. We are working pn additional documentation, please see for the latest information. 4. mSure technology is inside the metering IC and interfaces with the current and voltage sensors only. This means that a seperate sensor still has to be used to detect the terminal cover being open.