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10/12/16 Electronic Circuits in Space Applications:

Subject: Webcast Challenges for Electronic Circuits in Space Applications


Thank you for the wecast, very interesting. I miss some parts of the audio (would be nice if you can share it). I took some questions that I summarized here below:



  1. Have the EP+ line of products a correlation with the NASA grades in terms of risk?
  1. Can you explain a little bit more the meaning of SCD and a typical example of the process?
  2. For EP+ is mentioned that the starting material is a "Radiation Qualified Die", What are you meaning with this? The die (wafer?) is subjected to TID testing, SEE testing? Or the material is already qualified because of process?
  1. Is it possible for ADI to provide a controlled supply chain? related with:
    1. Humidity controlled (maybe with nitrogen)
    1. Same lot
    1. Same die revision
    1. Same foundry 


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