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ADS7-V2 and VisualAnalog software and AD9680 ADC board

We have the V2 of the ADS7, and an AD9680 ADC board.   My first question:

1. the AD9680 requires an input clock of at least 300MHz, correct?

We don't have such a clock, but we are pretty sure that the ADS7-V2 could generate it and send it out of the "CLK" SMA connector.  

My next question:

2. is there some way to use this setup without having to generate a clock ourselves from another hardware device?  Can we use the ADS7 to generate the output clock?   

Help!  i hope these questions make sense!  We are, of course, newbies to the ADS7.

Many thanks in advance.   

  • Hi,

    1. Yes. the sample clock for the AD9680 has to be at least 300MHz or higher.

    2. It is true that you can use the FPGA board to generate a clock. Keep in mind though, that this clock is most probably going to be very noisy and the noise will degrade the performance of the AD9680 you can get. Here is some more reading on it. 

    If you do not have a clock source for the ADC, you can try to order the AD9680-LF500EBZ or AD9680-LF1000EBZ. Both have on-board oscillators that provide a low phase noise clock signal to the ADC at 500MHz and 1000MHz respectively. The only problem with this setup is that this frequency cannot be changed.

    Another option for you would be to use the HMC7044 evaluation board. The HMC7044 is a clock management IC that can generate clean clock signals for ADC clocking.