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ADN2820 Reverse bias voltage

Thank you for your fast response


The interest bandwidth of the photo-detector signal should be between 1.4 GHz and 2.6 GHz (the data will have about 2 Gbits/s). Our photo-detector was designed using photonic integrated techniques and only has two pads: one ground and the cathode (their impedance is capacitive) . The TIA and photo-diode will be bond to "top layer" pads/tracks using one of the ROGERS substrates. We thought in connected the TIA outputs to SMA RF connectors, the grounds to PCB bottom layer using vias and the DC voltages to Right Angle SMT 2 male connectors.


Maybe, we will need a reverse bias voltage of +2.0V. Could be a bias-T circuit a possible solution to this problem?


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Carlos Ribeiro

  • Dear Carlos,

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    Please elaborate your design in a schematic. We need following information:

    1.   the photonic detector schematic;

    2.   confirmation of if the photonic detector output works as a voltage or a current output source?

    3.   the photonic detector P-I (optical average power on photonic detector vs. output current) at your specified

          reversed bias voltage.

    Per your interested signal data rate range requirement, you might consider ADN2880 and ADN2882 as well.

    However, these three TIAs share the similar circuitry architecture. In general, they are not suitable to work with

    your common anode type of photo-diode directly at reverse bias voltage = 2V, since their IN voltage is clamped to


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