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AD9238 can't output

      Before, AD9238 was very good for use , but now the chip can't  output any digital signal.The difference between now and before is PCB board ,then  other configuration parameters have not be changed, such as CLK 8MHZ(clk-input)、 Pown and OEB( are be set to a low level).Are there any other  reasons that  can lead the chip can't output digital singal ?


Are you suggesting you have  done a PCB  board revision and now the AD9238 does not work on this new revision or are you suggesting you that you have one PCB where the AD9238 was working properly and now does not? 

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          The problem has been solved.The reason is that the bead between +3.3V and  AVDD is  damaged ,which causes  AVDD not to enter the chip.However, there is a voltage on the AVDD pins during actual measurement.So the reason may be that the AVDD and DRVDD in the chip should be interlinked, and the voltage measured on  the AVDD comes from DRVDD.

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