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GMSL IC POC circuit design

Category: Hardware
Product Number: MAX96724

I want to use MAX96724 deserializer IC.

This photo MAX96724/F/R EVKIT POC filter photo.

But VPOC value adjustable 5V and 12V. 

I am not sure POC filter component value suitable for 5V and 12V. ,

Please check and give feedback. Best Regards

  • Please reference the GMSL2 Hardware Design Guide Table 5 under section 3.5.5 PoC Reference Circuits. 

    VPoC voltage considerations see section Lower VPoC affects power supply headroom and noise rejection. Higher VPoC may increases the AC coupling capacitor size. ADI's GMSL EVKIT's use 12V but the PoC network will work from 5V to 12V. Note that a VPoC of 5V will be slightly more than twice the current of a VPoC at 12V.