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Sources and booster amplifiers create their own distortion at high power levels, how are you able to account for this distortion?

  • We have the ability, as part of our modulation correction, and this can be used for non-modulated measurements as well, to do digital predistortion.  So, let's say you have an external booster amplifier and the signal starts to compress a little bit.  We can measure that compression through our internal receiver in the analyzer and when we recreate the waveform.  And then we send that waveform back to the booster amp with some pre-distortion on it and that cleans up the waveform going into your device.  So you're getting the type of peak-to-average ratio that you might be interested in using for your device.  It's a way for us to clean up and get you a nice clean signal into your device.  We can do this for a booster amp, but we can also do this for modulated signals as well.  If you are using a modulated source and a modulated signal, as you start to drive those signal generators harder, they'll start to create their own distortion on the waveform and we can measure that and correct for that as well.  And we can correct for both a booster amplifier and signal generator distortion at the same time.