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30V CAD el Potenciómetro Digital AD5292

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The Digital Potentiometer AD5292, a restlessness in the graphic one

I ask around.

1.- I JOIN the AD5292 like semuestra in the graphic, 30V of nutrition is direct or
An external source is in need of 30 VDD.
2. Else SPI is programmed with an interface, in the red color picture
No Respond to the 30V.
3. The same graphic I join AD5292, modifying one 10A would be able to control variants,
As they would be those modifications.
4.- else it is possible TO CONTROL 10A
A diagram to control 10A, they would be able to provide me a copy, please.

LTC4381-4 Overcurrent Protection

The original diagram comes from 48V 10A
Modify only the voltage of 48V to 30V

I ask around

1.- in that the point would be able to put a press button ( reset )
In such a way if there is one I cut, pressing the press button it is restored
2.- else it can get modified, they would be able to provide me a copy
Fusible electronic diagram 30V - 10 To

Graphic Adjuno One AD5292
Graphic Adjuno Two LTC4381-4

If I have made a mistake to apologize I am not okay thanks

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