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LO Signal Chain


The LO signal chain for the ADXUD1AEBZ converter board can use an external LO signal through the J4 connector. According to the Wiki "the recommended input power to J4 is +5 dBm".

Will an input power of +5 dBm not saturate the amps? The HMC963 has a gain of 22 dB and P1dB output power of 10 dBm.

What am I missing?

Kind regards,


  • Hi Claus,

    I believe your observation is correct. An RF input of 5dBm should saturate the HMC963. I am not too familiar with the ADXUD1AEBZ, but maybe this could be driven at a lower RF power for optimal operation with the HMC963. This would take some investigation with my team to confirm if this is feasible.