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Overall Gain of the receiver from T/R module till ADC output


As per demo platform what is the overall coherent gain acheived  till ADC output in the receive mode including the stingray board, x band up down converter and ad9081 board.

Could you please tell the availability of the 5 watt and 10 watt T/R module i.e. the next higher version of adtr1107

  • Hi akladha, 

    I'll point you to some data that you can use in your own cascade analysis. There are a few sets of data: ADXUD1A, ADAR1000EVAL1Z, and the EVAL-AD9081 datasheet. There are additional components in the signal path that may or may not be included in your final design listed on the X-Band Development Platform product page under System Requirements (e.g. splitter/combiner, cables, etc.).

    Single channel RX gain at 10 GHz for the RF section is approximately 31 dB whereas the RX full scale input (including the ADCs where full scale input is +6 dBm) is -25 dBm with a -50 dBm input power. These values are calculated/measured for a signal chain including the ADAR1000EVAL1Z ->  ZX10-2-183-S+ Mini Circuits Splitter/Combiner -> ADXUD1AEBZ -> 4 inch RF Cable -> EVAL-AD9081. Coherent combining would result in a cumulative gain of 49 dB for the RF section and RX full scale input of -43 dBm. In this design there are 4 subarrays where each subarray consist of 8 channels for a total of 32 coherently combined channels (20log10(8) signal gain improvement and 10log10(4) noise improvement). 

    Regarding the 5W/10W TR modules, I spoke too soon mentioning these parts in the webinar recording. They are still early development and it's too early to determine availability. Apologies for the misdirection.


  • hi,

    Thanks for the reply,

    what is single element  patch antenna gain used in the experiment and the polarization of the antenna used( horizontal or vertical)

  • Single element ideal gain is 5 dB and polarization of the antenna is 45 degree linear polarization.