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X/Ku band phased array prototyping


as per x band prototyping system, the solution is scalable like 1 stingray board supports 32 elements, 2 will support 64 elements .

As of complete system , AD9081 ( 4 channel ADC and DAC) is connected  ZCU 102.

Can  single ZCU 102 board can be used to connect to 2 AD9081 boards for more number of channels or we have to use 2 ZCU 102 board for 8 channel prototyping

  • Hi akladha, 

    A single ZCU102 development board has potential to connect 2 AD9081-FMCA-EBZ boards, but additional FMC ribbon cables would be needed to allow space since the two FMC connectors on the ZCU102 are next to each other. Plus an additional FMC breakout cable to control the ADXUD1AEBZ up/down converter would be required for control if you plan on using the board.

    Using the ADQUADMXFE1EBZ would allow additional channels (up to 16T/16R) while using a single ZCU102 board. However, modifications to the linux device tree would be required to allow control using the ZCU102.