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adrv9002 2 local oscillators


We want to use both the rx1-tx1, and rx2-tx2 port of the adrv9002.

For our application, we want the rx1 and tx1 to work with lo1

and rx2, tx2 work with lo2.

We tried in the ii oscilloscope to set the tx1 lo to 50MHZ and tx2 to  70 MHZ and transmit cw through the dds options in the iio oscilloscope in both of them in pthe same time.

However, when we connect a spectrum analyzer to both of them, we see that it only transmits in one of the frequencies, tx1 or tx2 but not both together as expected.

1. What is the correct settings to do what we want?

2. We have noticed that when both the ensm settings of the lo set to rf enabled, then the cw is unstable. When we changed the ensm settings to callibrated, sometimes it fixed it. Can you elaborate what caused it.

our settings:

Thanks a lot,