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Why does the AD 80 35 52 have multiple IO SPI rather than LVDS and wouldn't LVDS further improve the communication delay?

  • First of all, really good question, a multi IO like what SPI is supported by many FDA vendor SN APA blogs.  I know first few interim benefits over LTDs first one.  It is much easier to route and requires less lines, but secondly, it is much easier to synchronize multiple devices as you can serve clock and tip select lines across multiple devices answering the second part of the question.  Well, not really, while it's true that LPDS can operate at a faster clock rate as you could transfer a full data work in this case, or in the case of the ID three, five, five, two are in only two clocks.  The faster the clock does not really add much improvement versus the benefits of using multi IO SPI interfaces to synchronize all the devices.