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I see different types of isolated gate drivers recommended. Can you comment on the different types of gate drivers and how to choose one?

  • So, the different types of gate drivers really to try address different needs and requirements for our customers.  Some customers want a gate drive to provide as much as possible in a critical monitoring and protection of a power switch.  And this is especially in high power and safety critical applications where you don't just want drive.  You really want all those protection features.  And this is why you see features such as desaturation, temperature monitoring, and various programmability options. And these give really a highly integrated solution and they can save our customers time, money and heartache.  Customers are safety critical, or they may have developed their own discreet safety monitoring solutions that they'd like to reuse.  And then both of these gate drive cases, a simpler driver is ideal for, with a smaller footprint.  And again, these are addressed in our portfolio with the simple devices.  So, it really comes down to the specific needs of your application.