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There are existing products in the marketplace that are self-contained that I can just place on an asset, so why would I want to use the CN0549?

  • The CN0549 really is a development platform rather than a self-contained deployable system that you might find out there today. It is going to allow you to explore how your asset works in many different roles, whether it is running ideally or in various failure modes or end case modes. It will allow you to train your data in a software environment that your comfortable with and provide you a path to create something that is your own form factor that you might have to deploy on a specific piece of equipment or something where existing solutions don’t fit your requirements today.  Usually also those products tend to force you to pay for services that you may not need, and this type of platform is going to enable you to make all those smart decisions on your own and route that in a path that you own. You may not want to pay for certain services, but you want to enable others, and this is going to allow for that.