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The difference between AD2428WCCSZ & AD2428WCCSZ01

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have one question about AD2428, according to AD2428 selection guide, for model numbers ending in xx or xx-RL, xx denotes the die revision.

But I saw there are two versions part numbers on ADI website  : AD2428WCCSZ & AD2428WCCSZ01.

 May you please help to check which part number is recommended if customer want apply sample and what’s the difference between AD2428WCCSZ & AD2428WCCSZ01 ?

Thank you!


  • Hi Henry.

    As indicated in the selection guide you referred to, the xx suffix affixed to Automotive product numbers is the silicon revision, so the AD2428WCCSZ01 is for silicon revision 0.1. If there is no suffix (AD2428WCCSZ), it is revision 0.0. The recommendation is to order the AD2428WCCSZ01 if you require the automotive temperature range for your application. If the commercial or industrial temperature range is sufficient, you should look at the AD2428 product page instead of the AD2428W product page. The suffixing scheme does not apply to industrial/commercial products (ordering the part will always order the topical silicon revision).


  • Hi Joe,

    Thanks very much for your reply!

    Since it's for automotive application, it's a long and strict procedure when certifying new part number.

    If there's AD2428WCCSZ02 coming out in future.

    Customer is wondering if possible to know the difference between each silicon revision?

    And if customer certify AD2428WCCSZ01 in new project and goes mass production.

    Can AD2428WCCSZ02 be compatible with their previous design? 

    Thank you!


  • Hi Henry,

    Silicon revision differences are documented as part of the silicon anomaly list: AD2426/AD2427/AD2428 Silicon-Anomalies (Rev. C) 

    Best regards,