Dr. Conal Watterson Dr. Conal Watterson Senior Staff Applications Engineer

Compact USB port isolators for the first time allow USB 2.0 high speed operation and enhanced robustness for high-bandwidth applications in Digital Health, Instrumentation and Smart Industry. The ADuM4166 family, with 8kVpk isolation withstand, offers the highest levels of surge and cross-barrier IEC ESD robustness, as well as providing 8 mm creepage and clearance for two means of patient protection (2MOPP), with half-size package options to follow where less creepage is sufficient. Learn about the features of these USB isolators allowing easy design in for full signal integrity, EMC compliance and proven iCoupler robustness.

Attendees will learn:

  • What levels of isolation and EMC robustness are offered by the family
  • How are USB isolators used in host and peripheral applications
  • What isolated power solutions are available

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