Maurice O’ Brien Maurice O’ Brien Product Marketing Manager
Fiona Treacy Strategic Marketing Manager

In response to Industry 4.0 data demands, Industrial Ethernet has proliferated as the technology of choice for industrial OEMs given the increased bandwidth and flexibility it can support. This webcast will outline insights into the Industrial Ethernet market, key challenges, and its evolution for Gigabit, Time Sensitive Networking and 10BASE-T1L connectivity. ADI will address some of the key trends within Process Control, Factory Automation, Connected Motion, Robotics and Intelligent Building applications - and outline system-level solutions that can help accelerate the path to Industry 4.0.

  • What is TSN and where will it be used?
  • What is 10BASE-T1L and where will it be adopted?
  • How will I implement a Robust Gigabit Physical Layer Technology in Industrial Application?