Eamon Nash Applications Engineering Director
Luc Perreault Power Systems Designer

The traditional approach used to quickly turn on and off Gallium Nitride (GaN) Power Amplifiers (PA) in Radar applications involves pulsing the Drain voltage on and off. In this webinar, we will compare this approach to Gate Pulsing. This webinar will focus in detail on Pulser Plus, a new hardware reference design from Analog Devices that plugs into ADI's GaN PA evaluation boards and supports Gate and Drain Pulsing. The webinar will try to answer the question, which approach is better.

Attendees will Learn:

  • How to design a complete pulsed biasing circuit for GaN Radar Power Amplifiers using Gate or Drain Pulsing
  • An understanding of the trade-offs associated with Gate Pulsing and Drain Pulsing of GaN PAs in Radar applications
  • Architectural considerations that will influence the choice of Gain Pulsing vs Drain Pulsing