Shane O’Meara Shane O’Meara Senior Manager, Software Systems Design Engineering
Sarvesh Pimpalkar System Applications Engineer – Industrial Robotics

Join this webinar to uncover cutting-edge advancements in mobile robotics. Delve into the latest innovations shaping the future of mobile robotics, including AI, machine learning, sensor technologies, and autonomy. Explore how modular solutions, fueled by advanced technology, provide unparalleled adaptability and scalability, revolutionizing industries from manufacturing to healthcare. Don’t miss out on this insightful session exploring the future of robotics design and implementation at the intersection of modular solutions and advanced technology.

Attendees Will Learn About:

  • The modular solutions Analog Devices has in store for mobile robotics.
  • Navigation methods like SLAM and sensing tech such as LIDAR, cameras, and radar vital for mobile robots.
  • Understand the integration of ROS (Robot Operating System) to enable seamless communication and coordination among robot components