Maurice O’Brien Maurice O’Brien Strategic Marketing Manager
Brandon Bushey Brandon Bushey

Given that unscheduled downtime can amount to nearly a quarter of total manufacturing costs, predictive maintenance has the potential to unlock significant savings and increased productivity. In this webinar, we will introduce a new condition-based monitoring platform from Analog Devices, designed to help accelerate condition monitoring hardware, software, and algorithm development. The CN0549 platform is a complete development platform that provides mechanically secure, wide bandwidth sensor data with robust, high fidelity data acquisition. Open source embedded software stream data directly up to MATLAB and Python-based data analysis tools, for real-time processing and machine learning algorithm development for predictive maintenance services. The flexibility of this platform allows engineers of all disciplines to get quickly started with their CbM application development and get their products to market faster.

Attendees will learn:

  • How the platform provides a systems approach to solving CbM mechanical and electrical challenges                                                                                         
  • How embedded vibration-based condition monitoring solutions enable deeper machine insights                                                                                       
  • By leveraging industry-standard infrastructure and frameworks, its easy to move from development to production