Kevin Nguyen Business Manager

Audio-video equipment and, more generally, data-sensing and -processing devices often require a quiet and glitch-free environment. Power supplies, due to their switching nature, play a critical role in ensuring that these devices operate without interferences on their display and various sensors. While this can be achieved with an abundance of filtering and LDOs, portable battery-powered equipment must typically adhere to severe space constraints, preventing the use of multiple ICs. In addition, they must also limit their power consumption to reduce the strain on the battery. This webcast will introduce industry’s latest solution addressing the above challenges, featuring an innovative, low-noise/low-EMI, multi-channel step-down converter optimized for 2S and 3S batteries as well as USB PD-powered architectures.

Attendees Will Learn About:

  • Easy configuration for multicell battery operations
  • Low IQ or high efficiency: which one is most important
  • Noise reduction techniques
  • Optimized space constrained layout and solution size

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