Marvin Neil Solis Cabueñas Marvin Neil Solis Cabueñas Senior Firmware Engineer​, Software Systems
Ralph Clarenz Matociños Ralph Clarenz Matociños Associate Engineer, Power Applications​

In data centers, always-on power is critical. When power interruptions happen, the right Battery Backup Unit (BBU) matters. The Open Compute Project Open Rack Revision 3 (OCP ORV3) has created the specification, and Analog Devices has built a reference design - a Battery Backup Unit (BBU) that optimizes and simplifies the electrical, mechanical, and software design for a complete system-level solution.

In this webinar, we'll share our complete design journey for ADI's BBU reference design which meets the OCP ORV3 specification for the data center and the data center's auxiliary backup source.

Attendees will Learn:

  • Discussion of Battery Backup Units (BBUs) for Data Center Power
  • Insights into the Electrical and Mechanical Design Challenges and their Solutions
  • Using a Real-Time Software GUI for Efficient Monitoring and Data Gathering