Kevin Nguyen Senior Product Marketing Manager

The higher bandwidth and slew rate of the AD8410A make the part capable of handling the faster switching frequencies that are becoming increasingly common in motor driven applications and DC/DC converters. This higher bandwidth allows the AD8410A to accurately monitor AC ripple current in >60kHz switching systems. With the implementation of newer GaN designs in the industry, it is now more important than ever before to highlight the benefits of having higher bandwidth and other critical specs to maximize the performance of all motor driven products, such as robots, cobots, electric power steering, probers, health care devices, industrial test instrumentation, etc.

Join us for this webinar, where the key learning takeaways will be:

  • Benefits of High Bandwidth in CSAs
  • ADC output Accuracy vs. FSW
  • Common Mode Step Response DigiTrim and Nonchopped / Autozero Architecture
  • Benefits of High Bandwidth CSA for system design:
    • Smaller Motors / inductors
    • Higher FSW designs
    • Space Constrained Designs
  • Which CSAs should be selected depending on the motor drive / DC-DC application needs, including the offerings from Analog Devices