Prasanthi Yerra Product Application Engineer
Riccardo Privitera Product Applications Engineer

As the realm of data processing experiences an exponential surge, newer applications are compelled to accommodate skyrocketing data rates. The escalating demand for safety, signal integrity, and steadfast reliability in critical systems has underscored the imperative of incorporating protocol isolation. This webinar is poised to unveil strategies to facilitate the isolation of high-speed protocol communication, such as USB and HDMI. Learn about techniques aimed at optimizing isolator performance, thus fortifying signal integrity.

Key Learning Takeaways:

  • Advantages of USB and LVDS isolation compared to alternatives in the market
  • Evaluation criteria for selecting appropriate USB and LVDS isolators tailored to specific applications, encompassing various available options.
  • Exploring isolator performance metrics such as eye diagrams and jitter, optimizing isolator effectiveness with recommended PCB layout methods, and achieving seamless isolation for complete USB and HDMI phys using a harmonious blend of data and power isolation techniques.