Claire Croke Precision Signal Chain Marketing Engineer
Michael Hennessy Michael Hennessy Precision uModule Marketing & Engineering Manager
Antonio Jimenez Precision Converter Applications Engineer

Whether you are working on a precision control loop, for example in a source measurement unit, or a Hardware in the Loop application the core of your design is focused on developing a precision low latency measurement and drive signal chain circuit. Analog Devices signal chain group will introduce a low latency signal chain anchored around the latest Fast precision devices to deliver fast settling with precision..

In this webinar:
1. Learn about the low latency precision signal chain from protection through to conversion.
2. Take a deeper dive into the 2 latest converter releases that anchor this low latency precision signal chain, understand the benefits they bring and the design collateral available.
3. Precision filtering can be a core element to achieving performance. Learn more about Analog Devices integrated Filter products and the benefits they can bring to a design.