David Forde Product applications Engineer Switch and Multiplexer Technology

This webinar will go through a complete signal chain from measurement to drive, discussing some of the typical challenges associated when designing a solution for precision performance while trying to ensure data integrity through a highly protected, robust design.

Analog devices provide a full suite of precision signal chain components that include switches, multiplexers, amplifiers, ADCs, DACs & isolation. With these core building blocks we will show how each block within the signal chain can be easily reconfigured to provide optimization as well as flexibility for the end application. We will highlight the scalability and configurability, of the solutions identified from channel count, resolution, bandwidth, input voltage, drive strength to name but a few.

Discussed will be some key signal chain components that offer a clear advantage in terms of robustness features, from overvoltage protection, EMC protection, latch-up immunity, on chip diagnostics & CRC error detection. We will show how to optimized these for end solutions through various tools and collateral ensuring the best performance through the correct combination of robustness features for a given application. Thus providing a truly robust solution while realizing the trusted precision performance available from Analog Devices.